How To Tell If He Loves You in 7 Easy Ways

by Oluwa T Love, Last Updated on: September 25, 2021
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Men often find it very hard to express their true feelings, I guess that is just the way they are, as a woman dating a man it might be hard to really know

if the man truly loves you and it is more heartbreaking to try to make a move and then cut off. So here are some signs that may indicate he loves you

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1. He sends you love messages every now and then, yes send love text messages indicates he has feelings towards you, there is no doubt about that, so if he does this, know he loves you

2. He creates time to be with you, men are often busy with work and other things including running after women, so if he always spends time with you, then it means he values and cares about you a lot

3. He tells you personal stuff, let’s face it, men are private, does he call you out of the blue and tells you about stuff he wants to do? Does he also call you to seek your opinion on some things?

If you answered yes to both, then kudos he loves and values you

4. He sends you on errands, this simply equates to trust, which is a very important part of love, it means he sees you as his confidant and better half.

5. He buys you nice things, yes if he buys you nice things without you asking for them, he values you and wants you to be happy

6. He makes you laugh, he shares jokes with you, picks on you for no reason. Yes showing his playful side shows he loves you and is free to act childish with you, most men like to give the feeling of macho in order to gain respect from the opposite sex.

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7. He is particular about things you do and is quick to caution you when necessary, if he doesn’t do this, then it means he doesn’t really care about you

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