Why Men Don’t Want Sex But Need It

by Oluwa T Love, Last Updated on: September 25, 2021
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Because man was created to be a pro-generator, he carries the seed of life with the purpose of recreation, his purpose in life is to provide the seed of generations.

men need sex-min

So a man does not want sex, he needs sex, that is why he has no cycles, he is already ready, he does not have to build up to have sex he can anytime.

It’s interesting because women for ages have always wondered why men cannot seem to keep it in their pants, lack of knowledge has made them draw conclusions about men when it comes to sex:

Women have even gone further to name men natural cheats all because they lack the understanding of why a man needs sex

Here in this video, Dr Myles Munroe further explains why men need sex

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Oluwa T Love

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