9 Uncommon Love Tips For Her

by Oluwa T Love, Last Updated on: October 2, 2021
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Unlike the conventional love tips you will find out there, these tips actually help you know or understand how to love and treat her, there are lots of generic love tips out there, here is a scent of fresh air.

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1. You need to understand that she is the weaker of the two of you, God made it so, so you should always approach her from a place of gentleness and patience

2. Always make a conscious effort to make love gestures towards her, it could be as simple as leaving her love notes or sending her love text messages every now and then

3. Practice having a calm demeanor every time, especially when she approaches or she’s around you, it will give her a sense of security and bonding, it will trigger love to her senses

4. Learn to communicate with her effectively, especially when you do not feel like it, because men are less verbal and would prefer to bottle up and figure things out themselves, but women like to talk about everything, the irony is that when a woman actually talks about her problem she finds the solution in between

5. Learn to say no to her, it helps build trust and understanding, let’s face it she needs to be certain you know what’s good for her and whatnot. Saying yes to her always isn’t really a sign of strength or love, it’s actually a sign of weakness and neediness to please her and this gets boring and abused after some time

6. Tell her sweet words to make her happy, women are moved by what they hear and not see, unlike men who are moved by sight.

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Learn to mesmerize her heart with words that melt

7. You should learn how to hold conservations to make her fall in love all the time. Spontaneous communication with women triggers innate feelings because you will be able to connect with her on a mental level and women are more mentally aware than men

8. Send her touching love messages often, women are quick to adapt to the saying, out of sight, out of mind, prove to her otherwise by sending her love messages which will allow her to know she is always on your mind

9. Most importantly, try as much as possible not to win her heart or make her fall in love with you, but rather make her win your love by not being overtly nice and needy or quick to pleasing her

Women are used to being chased especially the pretty ones, but when you act like you don’t think highly of them or don’t need them, it lights up a spark inside of them

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