Good Morning & Good Night Love SMS You Can Send to Your Lover Now

by Oluwa T Love, Last Updated on: September 24, 2021
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After your early morning prayers, your lover is the first person you should send a love message to, nothing as good as your lover receiving a romantic or love message from you first thing in the morning, it will brighten his or her day.

Also, make it a habit to always send a love message to your lover before bed, he or she can or will dream good dreams about you and it helps strengthen the bond between you two

good morning night sms-min

Let’s get started

Good Morning Love SMS

1. You may say i am crazy, but i dream’t about you last night, good morning my love

2. Thoughts about you kept me up all night, good morning love

3. I spent the whole night thinking about what to say to you this lovely morning

4. While you were asleep last night, i stayed up watching you sleep and it was such a good feeling. Top of the morning to you my love

5. You look so beautiful when you are asleep deeply, have a lovely day today my love

6. It’s my turn to sleep now, was a pleasure standing guard while you were asleep last night. Have a wonderful day my love

7. Although sometimes i go to bed mad at you, but in the morning i wake up more in love with you. Good morning

8. Will you call me to tell me you are alright, because i worried about you the whole night. Good morning

Good Night Love SMS

1. I will be available to escort you into dreamland where we can be together, good night my love

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2. I will look for you in your dreams, no matter how long or difficult, i will be with you, good night love

3. I spent the whole day thinking about you, now it seems i will spend the whole night doing the same, sweet dreams my love

4. I always look forward to sleeping at night because i get to dream good and sexy dreams about you. Sweet dreams

5. Tell me if you need a helping hand to fall asleep tonight. Goodnight

6. I won’t sleep till you are safe and sound asleep, i will be watching over you. Good night

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