Digital Mailroom

There are many obvious reasons why you need a digital mailroom to replace the physical mailroom you have been operating with over the years. These include reducing storage space for documents, paper handling and photocopying reductions.

Some benefits are not as obvious as those stated above, but they are just as important as the physical benefits. These include remote working enablement, improved compliance and auditability, and improved search and sharing ability for documents.

For a business to succeed and strive in any environment, the remote work enablement benefit is a significant point to consider. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of companies in a difficult situation. It has made some physical businesses’ documents and inbound mail management challenging. It has been a significant concern for businesses to develop a perfect plan to avoid this challenge.

The mailroom's digitalization is now more essential than ever for your business. The current state things show that this is a perfect time for you to change your organization's physical mailroom activities to digital. Don’t fret, switching to digital has very minimal disruptive effects on your business. 

So, what should you look for in a reliable digital mailroom automation provider? And why do you need to patronize Scanoptics to provide mailroom solutions for you or your organization?


Instead of investing in expensive mailroom software and equipment, and also in training that consumes a lot of time which keeps your staff from exercising their regular duties, you can invest in a competent mailroom automation management provider.

Consider the different volumes, types, and formats of documents that your company is currently managing. To ensure all these are collected and appropriately handled, Scanoptics, a quality digital mailroom provider, has proven experience in data and document management. A quality provider must know how to manage your outbound mailroom operations and offer you the most value for a real and comprehensive multi-channel capture and mailroom solution. Scanoptics is the best and leading provider for you.

Continuity of Business 

It is vital to have access to on-demand documents irrespective of the business condition at hand. If the business condition is during a crisis like an outbreak of a virus decision or anything, business is meant to experience continuity.

With a digital mailroom, you will undoubtedly have accelerated access to information during any working conditions. It gives room for better communication, deciding on confusing business ideas very fast, and effective collaboration. A reliable mailroom automation provider will have a comprehensive disaster recovery and back-up/redundancy plan in times of crisis, ensuring that your business is still in operation.

In order to enjoy all these services, contact Contact Scanoptics for the most intelligent data management. We are committed to assisting you on any business matter relating to the digital mailroom.

Our transport fleet and service teams operate and work following the maximum safety standards. Our simulated mailbox service offers a very secure custody chain to retrieve and deliver your postal mail digitally. No matter what your current office environment looks like, we can work with you.

In any case, our Digital Mailroom will increase security and productivity for your business by collecting and distributing mail.


Digital Mailroom

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