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Couples Marriage Counselling

Couples counseling which is also refereed to as marriage counseling is counseling or advice seeking session that helps couples learn what it takes to communicate and resolve issues effectively. Lets face it, in order to drive a car you need to go through series of training and tests, yes you would say it involves life and property so 100% sanity and accuracy is involved.

But let me ask you this, isn’t marriage or relationships about lives as well, two people coming together to make a family, two distinct people with two distinct life experience and background trying to work together as one, a nation is made up of families which is made of marriages, if the marriages go wrong, families become dysfunctional and this bounces back on the nation as a whole

Here is a video from late preacher Dr Myles Munroe, it teaches all you need to know about how to make your marriage work.

Must Watch. Enjoy!

Couples or Marriage Therapy

This is a form of commitment which couples engage in to learn about how to deal with marriage and intimacy issues that are threatening. In this therapy a professionally qualified psychotherapist experienced in marriage and family issues works hand in hand with couples to resolve issues and bridge any communication gaps. Here are essentials therapist need to do in order to ensure effective and successful counseling

He or she needs to know what exactly to focus on rather than wasting time on utterly irrelevant things, from interrogating the couples the therapist should be able to ascertain where the real problems lies and tackle head on

As the therapists try to encourages the positives and deal with negatives

  • Make sure to set growth goals for each session
  • Help couples form new habits to replace their old habits, this is key
  • Always allow for emotional outbursts and release, bottling up emotions is detrimental health wise and relationship wise
  • Rendezvous to teach couples to have a problem solving attitude towards everything and never to critize or nag each other
  • Ask couples mind provoking questions which will enable them discover and understand more clearly their current situations


Relationship Counseling

Let’s face it, relationships are tough, you have lived your whole life a certain way, then you meet someone who threatens your values, your beliefs and whole life, automatically you kick into defense and flight mode, that is what relationships cause, it makes you look outside your world, makes you see life through another person’s eyes.

So it can be a tough job, not for the light or faint hearted at all, like training and going through tests to obtain a driver license, one needs to be counseled on what and what not to expect in a relationship

Here are 5 signs you need a relationship coach

Family Counseling

At last you made it, you got married and stayed married now you have kids, wow you never imagined how raising a family would be like, it’s another ball game altogether because now you have beautiful kids with diverse personalities, you have to learn how to manage each, no same treatment can be used universally. As a parent you need to study each child and adapt to them to help you bring out the best in them

Raising a family is tough, its no walk in the park, so you need knowledge which counseling can provide, it’s hard enough when your teenage kids starts shutting you out, how then do you know how to help them? That can be addressed or controlled if you have the right knowledge and skills

Marriage or Couples Counseling Near Me

Good choice you have decided on going for marriage or couples counseling, it’s the first step to enjoying and sustaining a blissful marriage and family life.

United States & Canada

Psychology Today offers a wide selection of therapists in the US and Canada, all is you have to do is enter your city or zip code to do a quick check

Psychology Today Therapists Search 

American Association For Marriage And Family Therapy (AAMFT) is also a good resource to finding a counselor

AMMFT Therapist Locator


United Kingdom

Looking for a therapist in the united kingdom, try the following

  1. Counseling Directory UK
  2. Relate the relationship people
  3. NHS counselling services



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